Get to know your ancestors

Life stories are a great way to get to know your ancestors and maybe find out what made them take the big leap to search for a better life in North America.

Sweden has a vast collection of parish books dating back several hundreds of years. Parishes wrote down births, deaths and marriages. Every year the priest of the parish visited all of the households to see who could read and write and to check their knowledge of the bible. By doing so the books were updated annually which now makes a great tool for genealogists.

An initial search and estimate

No promises can be made that the information about your ancestors exists. An initial search needs to be made before a full order can be completed. By doing an initial search an estimatation can be done on how many hours the research will take. You’ll also get a first hint about the lives of your ancestors. Furthermore, the initial findings gives you a possibility to choose what part you want to focus on.


Initial search and esitimate: US $10 + tax

Full life story: US $40 + tax per hour

Examples of life stories

Axel Bernhard Olsson             Johanna Petersdotter